Looking around the world, the community for cooking and baking fanatics is pretty wide and massive. There are so many people who enjoy the things we do as well.

These people have different experiences and pieces of knowledge that people can also learn from. Thankfully, these people have also shared their kitchen wisdom through blogs of their own.

The Carrot Recipes team has provided a list of blogs that you can subscribe to in order to learn more recipes and practices.

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Top By Cinnamon


Everybody loves a dash of cinnamon and how it adds that zest sweetness to anything you add it to. Other than that, it is considered a very healthy spice. For instance, it is a healthy practice for diabetes patients to eat cinnamon as it is good for them.

Izy Hossack is a person from London who graduated from the University of Leeds. She graduated with a bachelor of science in food and nutrition.

She believes in the power of cinnamon. So much so that the first book she wrote is a cookbook that is all about recipes with cinnamon. These recipes include dinner dishes, side and main dishes, snack, desserts, and even staples.

She has ventured beyond print and is now on the internet where she writes on her blog. Recipes include things like sourdough crumpets, rhubarb tarts, vegan chocolate yule logs, and many more. Most of the time, she just likes experimenting with her baking, and she shares those too.

Hossack is a flexitarian. Having grown up with no diet restrictions, she was able to know what other foods taste like. However, during college, she changed her outlook and lifestyle to a vegetarian that eats meat once in a while.

This translates into her recipes being quite healthy.

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Not Without Salt


Next up we have Not Without Salt. The owner of the blog – Ashley Rodriguez – understands what having cooking as a passion is like.

­In understanding this, she has also sought to share her collected recipes that she has collected throughout the years to the people online.

Apart from certain recipes, Ashley also keeps a journal where you can keep track of her actions throughout the whole day.